This is the second part of my previous article Machine Learning for Software Developers. Earlier, my intension was to make it easier to reach the term machine learning for those who’re in the software development field. So to avoid confusion at first reading I merely added theory in previous article.

Today, We’re going to look further into machine learning with the same task we practiced before, but this time in more details. Hence this article will be lengthier.

“Machine learning is the field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed”
Arthur Samuel

As per…

As a software developer, Have you ever tried to run machine learning model? If you’re answer is big “No!”, Don’t worry this article will walk you through steps on implementing a machine learning model and explain some differences you may find in machine learning and traditional programming.

Now lets get into the topic that we really considered about, As a developer you would make a computer programme by constructing some classes,variables and methods ,right? within methods you form business logics according to the requirement using conditions,in other words you put if/else, switch statements in order to control the data flow…

Shalinda Suresh

Software Engineer with deep expertise and hands on experience in Web Development, Bigdata Analytics and Machine Learning.

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